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The cornerstone of Real-Time Manufacturing is in the automation applications that carry digital data from web platform “shopping carts” seamlessly through the entirety of the Catalyst production process. This insures quick and accurate creation of the desired product to the set specifications that item. Furthermore, it also ensures that they product, once complete and inspected for quality, is accurately shipped to the end user. Clients of Catalyst can view progress of active orders and confirm tracking information for shipped orders via their individual secure access to our information portal. This automated workflow system was custom built for Catalyst to exactly meet the needs of our clients.

Catalyst is first and foremost a technology company and will continue to invest in the effort to break new ground in Real-Time Manufacturing. As new technologies are developed we will remain focused on ways to improve the relay of information as well as manufacturing process with our ongoing goal of enhancing the purchasing experience for our clients as well as the end consumer.




Catalyst offers an array of fulfillment services for our clients that ensures maximum productivity and efficiency while reducing costs.


• Fiber and Foam Filling


• EDI Compliant


• Cut and Sew Manufacturing Capabilities


• Late-stage and On-demand Manufacturing


• On-site Printing






Client manufactures decorative pillows oversees due to the manufacturing costs being significantly less and sells to the US market through various distribution channels.  The problem is that when filled with fiber, they can only get a couple of thousand pillows on a container. But when they partnered with Catalyst and shipped the pillows “flat”, without filling, they were able to put in excess of 10,000 pillows on a container. We offer the service of taking flat pillows from the container, filling them with foam or fiber, packaging them into cartons and shipping them to distribution centers or retail locations throughout the US. Through partnering with Catalyst, the client is able to significantly reduce costs to ship and also able to get more inventory distributed faster.