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Catalyst Fabric solutions is vertical, multi-site, domestic manufacturing company. Our three current facilities total more than 300,000 square feet a manufacturing space dedicated to: printing, cutting, sewing, fiber blowing, quilting, inspection and packaging of finished textile based consumer and industry products. We have facilities in Georgia and Alabama, with our manufacturing headquarter being in Marianna, Florida. Our print departments utilize the latest generation of all digital dye sublimation printing equipment with capacities in the thousands of linear yards per day. We have multiple transfer machines providing the ability to print a variety of roll to roll and roll to piece applications. We are well staffed with experienced cut and sew operators with a wide array of the equipment required for our diverse sewn product offerings. We also have a large capacity for fiber filling for items such as pillows. Most critically for our clients (whose business is dependent on our consistency) we have redundancy for all of these capabilities at all three of our facilities. Our ability to digitally move orders from one location to another insures that any event such as mass power outage or severe inclement weather would not halt our ability to create and ship product.


Catalyst offers the following specialty finishes to multiple industries including the bedding, domestics and outdoor apparel markets.



This amazing technology utilizes the manufacture of tiny (less than .5 microns in diameter) capsules to carry desired finish. Once applied to textiles, these finishes are incredibly durable, easily retaining high percentages of measurable efficacy when processed through 50 commercial laundering tests. The technology also has very little to any noticeable effect on the “hand” or feel of a fabric when applied.




Aroma/ Scent finishes:

Wide array of pleasing and health benefitting scents can be applied to almost any fabric. Once applied, the pleasant fragrance will remain integrated with the fabric wash after wash.


Cooling finishes:

Finishes utilize xylitol and a combination of xylitol and erythritol respectively. These materials undergo an endothermic reaction with moisture absorbing body heat. These finishes provide an instant cooling effect in the presence of moisture from the  skin.




Durable Fresh Finishes:

Multiple options for finishes derived from naturally occurring chemicals such as grapefruit seeds and crustacean shells that provide natural anti-microbial and anti-fungal properties. These properties allow for durable, long lasting odor control and freshness integrated into  the fabric


Soil Repellant Finishes:

This technology will provide a soil and stain repellance to any fabric. Suitable for domestics, bedding and apparel.