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Catalyst Fabrics provides over 30 years experience in the fabric industry.  From custom printed fabrics to finishing and distribution capabilities, Catalyst can ensure optimal productivity and efficiency.


Offering an array of finishing options including aroma and scent, cooling, and repellant finishes, Catalyst is a leading provider of fabric finishes in the US. With so many options of customized fabrics available, we are uniquely suited to handle all of your fabric, finishing and fulfillment needs.


Catalyst Fabric Solutions is first and foremost a technology company. By combining the continuous advances in Digital Dye Sublimation printing with the latest automation of order and manufacturing processes, Catalyst can produce a vast array of products per a consumer order. This technology allows for the elimination of many of the pitfalls and expenses associated with the traditional retail model. Catalyst is a vertical manufacturer of a tremendous variety of textile based products in the Home Furnishing and Apparel categories. Our management team has over 100 years of combined manufacturing process experience. Add to this the very latest in equipment and work-flow technologies, and Catalyst has all of the tools required to deliver the highest quality products at the most competitive prices in the On Demand Industry.